Coding, Extensions and Widgets

  • Whatever idea you have, we can create the language to make it happen.

    At Make Good Media we are aware of the many challenges you face when creating and building a website. In this competitive landscape, you need to achieve high quality results at bargain basement prices. This leads to a neccessary do-it-yourself attitude, and when a problem or idea comes up, it is up to you to discover and implement a solution that works. That's where Make Good Media comes in. We are fluent in most coding lanugages, and our experience in designing and coding unique web solutions, including widgets, allows us to take one look at your issue and get it fixed, fast.

  • Coding Languages

    • Java
    • PHP
    • Perl
    • C++
    • Visual Basic
  • Common Coding Requests

    • Cross-browser compatibility
    • Resolve Javascript conflicts
    • Enhance features
    • Security and encryption
  • Widget Types

    • HTML / JS Widgets
    • Remote Widgets
    • Flash Widgets
    • Blidgets (Blog/RSS)