Magento Ecommerce Consultation Service

Don't start running before you know where to run too.

Today’s online's markets are complex. You have a lot of competitors. Niches are filled quickly, concepts are being copied fast. Every customer is valuable. A clear strategy for your company/client helps you to identify the right steps to reach the overall aim. If you have no underlying ecommerce strategy that helps you to steer towards the overall aim, you will pretty sure make mistakes and get lost on the way.

A solid strategic planning is the base for success in the later phases of your magento e-commerce store development

Our Consultation Process

  • Toronto, Ontario Magento Consultants
    Identify Goals

    In this process we discuss and learn more of your current online strengths and weakness compared to your competitors and current trends in your shopping category. Based on this, we will present you with a plan that will help you meet your goals

  • Toronto, Ontario Magento Consultation Service
    Conversion Rates

    Every online store needs to track its successes and failures. We will analyze your site, track it with measurable results (visitors, conversion rates, abandoned rates and average order value. Based on this, we will identify the weakness and help you address them to make your online store a success.

  • Toronto, Ontario Magento Consultants Service

    Our motto is to KISS (keep it simple stupid). With different kinds of people shopping online, its important to keep everything in your store to the simplest way possible. (Think the gecko commercials - so easy a cave man could do it). In this step we analyze your entire purchase process from different customer groups perspective. Based on the results we help you tweak it to increase conversions