Catalog and Product Development

One size doesn't fit all, As such taking your product catalog online requires a different approach

Selling products online is very different than selling them in a store or in person. Potential customers cannot touch, feel, or "smell" the product, and rely on your product presentation to give them a good enough sense of what they are buying for them to hand over their hard earned dollars. We can provide you with guidance, strategies, and services that will help your online store flourish and increase your profits and customer conversion rates. Whether you want to develop or reposition your existing products, or if you are starting fresh, we can help.

Our Catalog and Product Development Services

  • Online catalog development consultation

    Understanding your requirements

    Discussion and technical discovery on your business requirements and product types. We have dealt with the most complex and the easiest product configurations.

  • magento Catalog Prototyping
    Catalog Prototyping
    • Create Joomla components to suit your needs
    • Modification of existing Joomla components to do suit your business needs
    • Create plugins and modules to support or extend any Joomla component
  • catalog development
    Custom Configurators
    • Product Customizer
    • Catalog organization
    • Product Image switchers and customizable options
  • End-to-End Solutions

    Design, Development, SEO, E-commerce Strategy, Hosting and Daily Maintaince

    A successful business needs constant revision and updates on what's working and what's not working. As such, as a small boutique web development company, we offer our preferred clients a complete end to end solutions. We worry about the website from SEO, Design, Development and they get to focus on their daily business requirements and worry less about their IT infrasructure.